Ever noticed how a house with kids is never like the magazines? 

Are adverts for household furniture and haberdashery ever aimed at parents?

This is how they should sell household items to parents or future parents....

Wednesday, 26 April 2017 12:44

Feel isolated and alone with your new baby?

Do you have a partner, but they may not offer the support you need, or be home enough for what you need?

Do you have plenty of family around, but don't feel like you can call on them when you are feeling down or struggling?

Have you moved to a town where you really don't know many people, and none close enough to call on?

Do you have friends but they all have their own 'stuff' going on and you don't want to add to that?

Do you feel like you should be coping and able to do this parenting role and don't want to tell anyone else of your feelings?

Have you asked for help but don't want to keep asking?

Thursday, 23 March 2017 11:06

The truths of having a second child

You have had your first child, you have all survived and learnt a lot along the way. Adding a second child shouldn't take as much adaption, or should it?

Sorry to those that had a hard time with their first child, but I breezed through the first year of my eldest child's life. Although 6 weeks prem, her development was spot on, she had good routines and a very placid nature. In fact I got bored and went back to study.

Can you remember the last holiday you had without your children? 

Was it pre-parenthood?

Do you think your relationship with your partner or friends may be stronger if you occasionally travelled together without kids?

Do you think your sense of self would be stronger and your self confidence would grow?

Would you be revitalised and stronger to go back into everyday life?

Would you be adding amazing experiences to your life?

Thursday, 04 August 2016 10:13

How to discipline kids without smacking

"We were smacked, and we turned out alright", I hear this often. Does it mean it is the only way of disciplining? Are we promoting smacking by smacking ourselves? How do we discipine without smacking?  

This week I read a great blog from a friend of mine and I could relate to so many of the things she was saying.  As such, instead or rehashing what she has aptly written, I would like you to read Kat's blog. Hope you find it food for thought.

Thursday, 07 July 2016 11:37

We have secrets about parents

We hear secrets.

Break ups, affairs, illnesses, surprises, ‘night’ jobs, we hear a lot at Cherished Cherubs. But don’t worry, we are not about to air them, it remains confidential.

At Cherished Cherubs, other than co-ordinating babysitters we are often found supporting parents, cos it can be a tough gig.  

Our phone calls are about parenting,  relationships, and supporting through the hard times. These hard times can be sickness, work stress and relationship break downs.

Thursday, 23 June 2016 11:04

Will your kids cause your divorce?

Will your kids cause your divorce?

Many arguments that partners have are over parenting techniques and practices. Difference in opinions can snowball all the way to the divorce court, is that what you want?

As they say, parenting doesn’t come with a rule book, so we have developed a list of questions to ask yourself and your partner. If you are your partner are both parenting under the same guidelines there will be less parenting stress and a more secure child.  

Open up the discussions by looking at the below questions, and see what works for your family. These questions can be used as a guideline for decisions to be made once your child is at an appropriate age.

Thinking of becoming pregnant?

Here’s 20 questions to see how much you have actually thought it through.

Will you and your partner be able to parent together, or will it cause a break in your relationship?

Raising children will add stresses on any relationship.When there are two parents with two sets of values raising one child it is common that there are differences in opinion in parenting.  

Here’s a list of 20 questions to ask yourself and then discuss with your partner before you decide to become parents. This list is also suitable for those that have already started the journey to parenthood with pregnancy or a young baby.

Thursday, 09 June 2016 11:02

The Conscious Mother

Toss aside parenting books and social media advice that you think will make you a better mother.  

Parenting advice from a new angle is here.

Read ‘Conscious Mother’ and you will know you are unique and you already have it in you to be the best parent you can be.

There were some pivotal quotes that Perth psychologist Kirstin Bouse made in her new book. I want to share them in case they also resonate with you today, and you will see why I love her take on parenting.

Ever wonder what goes into getting you the best babysitter we can in the quickest amount of time?

We want to make it as easy for you as we can, just one phone call or email and you have your babysitter all confirmed for the date you need.

From our end, behind the scenes, there is a lot more involved, and that is so we have a record of who you have had to babysit before, we know who we can call on to babysit, we have all your relevant information, and so we can ensure the right info goes out to the right people. We like to keep everything from a client’s perspective as well as a business perspective running as smoothly as possible.

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Without family support, we have had our 3 girls played with, cared for and put to bed for many years by Cherished Cherubs. We have found every babysitter to be reliable, professional and kind. - Claire, 2 October 2019

Such a great service. I contacted Cherished Cherubs quite last minute and they found me a wonderful babysitter. Everything was so easy and I felt so secure leaving my little one with Lena. - Julia, 9 October 2019

I was so impressed and comforted by the professional and confident service I received from beginning to end. An amazing team I couldn't speak highly enough of. - Jody, 27 August 2019

Deborah was amazing with our son. He was in awe of her from the minute she walked through the doors. She put me at ease with her professionalism, kind, trustworthy nature. - Clare, 23 December 2019