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Thursday, 09 January 2020 11:59

What I know for sure

How are you today I recall my friend asking? What I wanted to say was that I am so tired, I feel like I am not doing enough, being enough and the guilt, I feel guilty all of the time for not being with my children all of the time".  However I responded, I am great, so busy but we are great".  Its too raw to be completely honest when everyone else appears to be doing great.

I know I chose to be a working mum and acknowledge that was my choice but boy in hindsight I don't know how I did it all.  I sacrificed to have it all.


Without family support, we have had our 3 girls played with, cared for and put to bed for many years by Cherished Cherubs. We have found every babysitter to be reliable, professional and kind. - Claire, 2 October 2019

Such a great service. I contacted Cherished Cherubs quite last minute and they found me a wonderful babysitter. Everything was so easy and I felt so secure leaving my little one with Lena. - Julia, 9 October 2019

I was so impressed and comforted by the professional and confident service I received from beginning to end. An amazing team I couldn't speak highly enough of. - Jody, 27 August 2019

Deborah was amazing with our son. He was in awe of her from the minute she walked through the doors. She put me at ease with her professionalism, kind, trustworthy nature. - Clare, 23 December 2019