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Perks of being a babysitter

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They say there are perks in all jobs. Here’s my list of benefits as a babysitter:

1. Primarily, you get to meet so many lovely families. – I generally find that the parents I babysit for are those that value their families and their time, and also the babysitter.  The interactions are respectful, friendly and genuine.  And the kids, we interact and all enjoy our time.


babysitter 476x2902. Variety in everyday lives – It fascinates me how each family have their own way of doing everyday things. Not only do you see different ethnic cultures, you see the various family cultures. What you think is the ‘normal’ is not the same as someone else’s normal. From activities undertaken to where things go to bedtime routines, it all varies from one family to the next.


3. New discoveries – You would think they would have run out of ideas on what else can be invented to make parenting easier, apparently not. From items such as the swaddler wrap for newborns to the bumbo seat for babies to the grow clocks for toddlers, the designs and inventions just keep developing and I love discovering them in the houses we babysit at.


4. Variety of venues – As a babysitter you get to go into family homes, hotels, and corporate facilities. I love seeing the décor people choose and how they incorporate children’s items into the home. I love staying at the wonderful hotels around Perth, even if it is just for a few hours. I enjoy seeing what facilities and educational equipment is implemented for children at crèches and corporate gigs.  Variety is definitely on the agenda as a babysitter.


5. Flexibility – The hours I work I choose. I have a family, I have commitments. Being a babysitter allows me to change my available hours each week to suit my family and life.  They say work/life balance, babysitting allows this.


6. Exercise – yep, what better time to exercise than with kids. Whether it is taking baby for a walk, or kicking the footy with the kids, it’s a win win situation for all involved.


7. Paid to have fun and learn – I often hear the babysitters that work for the babysitting agency say they can’t believe they get paid to have fun and gain experience. Smiles and laughter are a given at any babysitting job.  It may be something said, it may be a face pulled, a game played or a reassuring look, but smiles and laughter are the essence of why we do what we do. And the experience is invaluable. Unsettled babies, challenging children, those with their own special ways of being, all need us to respond in the best way to meet their needs. That response comes with education and best of all, experience. 


8. Expect the unexpected – You never know when a street address is wrong, or the number of children we are caring for is different to what is told, or if there are some unusual pets in the house. Go with the flow or expect things to change is a definite attitude to adopt when a babysitter. I think it adds to the diverse and fantastic experience of being a babysitter. 


Being a babysitter is not for some, and that is okay. For those that genuinely like kids and having fun with other people’s kids, there are so many perks to the role. 


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Without family support, we have had our 3 girls played with, cared for and put to bed for many years by Cherished Cherubs. We have found every babysitter to be reliable, professional and kind. - Claire, 2 October 2019

Such a great service. I contacted Cherished Cherubs quite last minute and they found me a wonderful babysitter. Everything was so easy and I felt so secure leaving my little one with Lena. - Julia, 9 October 2019

I was so impressed and comforted by the professional and confident service I received from beginning to end. An amazing team I couldn't speak highly enough of. - Jody, 27 August 2019

Deborah was amazing with our son. He was in awe of her from the minute she walked through the doors. She put me at ease with her professionalism, kind, trustworthy nature. - Clare, 23 December 2019