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10 moments when you will realise being a parent sucks!

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New parents take note, being a parent is not all fun n games.

I was around a pool the other day when a parent of a young child was descending the steps into a rather cold pool with her 2 year old on her hip.  She turned around and said ‘this is when being a parents sucks!’.  It had me thinking, yes there are times when it really does so when else does parenting fall in the not so much fun basket?

  • shutterstock 77684011-334x430When you have at least 5 small errands to run, and getting the kids in and out of the car each time takes longer than the actual errands!
  • When you finally get nearly to the front of a queue, and toilet training Johnny needs to go wees NOW!!
  • When it is you that is sick, and you just want to crawl up in a ball (or stay very close to the bathroom) but the kids still need you.
  • When you have just spend 4 hours cleaning, for toddler to destroy it in 4 minutes!!
  • When you have bought a new dress, booked the babysitter and have daydreamt about your special night out, and the littlun runs a temp and throws up an hour before you are due to leave ☹
  • When you feel like a relaxing wine whilst the kids are playing nicely in the back yard, but you are the designated driver to collect the eldest from a birthday party ….. at 8pm.
  • When you have to ‘sneak’ to eat your own chocolate not quite as enjoyable as savouring and enjoying the moment.
  • When your child decides that meal you lovingly created would look better on the floor, or on your face.
  • When your pre schooler announces to the whole shopping centre that the lady at the end of the aisle is ugly.
  • When you spend considerable time (and money) choosing the perfect gift for your child, for them to unwrap it, look at it, and quickly ask for the next present (unappreciative little tike! ☺)


We sign up for parenting, and with that comes the ups and downs.  In the scheme of life these are small things that are frustrating at the time, but life could be worse, and I wouldn’t swap it for the world.  Next week we will look at the other side of the scale, those special moments that are what we signed up for with being a parent.

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