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Saturday, 12 December 2020 09:00

How’s your sex life? Featured

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Check out how Cherished Cherubs can help put the mojo back in your love life after kids.

The way we figure it, if you have kids you must have had some sort of sex life at some point. Oh my how that changes when the kids come along!

They make us too tired, they have impeccable timing day and night for interrupting us, they are teething or sick, they take up so much time, not to mention just suck out any mood we may have once had. It’s amazing how we even get to make a second and third child!.

We need to nurture our relationships as much as we need to nurture our children. So why do relationships often become a second priority, or worse still, a forgotten priority? Missed hook ups and relationship break ups come from lack of communication and lack of intimacy. So will you let those things destroy your relationship?

How will you get them back? It takes effort, but it will only be a conversation and not happen unless you put that effort in.

  1. Find an activity just for adults - go for dinner, go to a concert, go to the beach together;
  2. Pick a date and time;
  3. Book a reliable babysitter;
  4. Go on your date – Lock it in, do it, do not reschedule if you are tired or unenthused. Make the effort (it’s often these times that you need the night out most)
  5. Book the next date night straight away to happen within the month. Even better, put them all in your calendar for the next 12 months.

You know that feeling when you have unwound, had some adult conversation about anything and everything, had a nice meal, smiled and laughed and been able to focus on yourself and your partner. Chances are that you will remember why you are attracted to your partner and them to you, you will be able to discuss things before they become issues, your relationship will become stronger, and the mojo shall be rekindled.

Go ahead, book in some fun at Cherished Cherished Babysitting and hope the kids sleep through that night ;-)


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