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When was the last time you stayed out till 1am, let alone see the sunrise? By 10pm and we are out, we are looking at the clock wondering if the kids are asleep, if the babysitter has coped okay and all is well at home. You see it often - the watch is being regularly checked, the phones are constantly being screened in case a message has come through or phone call from home been missed, there are knowing looks between partners. The relaxed mood shifts slightly as parents recognise their night is coming to an end soon.

But why does it have to end early just because you have kids at home? Who doesn’t like a good night out? It doesn’t need to be partying like we did pre-kids. There comes a time where dinner and a movie are a luxury, or maybe, just maybe a night to let loose is just what we need to de stress from the last few days and to survive the coming week.

How do you overcome the idea that going out is a luxury, when it is really a need, and it doesn’t have to be over early?

Firstly, recognise that you are entitled, and have earned the right to go out and have some me time. You spend so much time making sure the kids enjoy themselves with various activities and outings, you need your turn as well. This is the most important thing you need to recognise, and it is also important that your children realise you are more than a mum or a dad, you are actually an individual as well.

Next you need to know that your kids are in safe hands. Some families have the luxury of family and friends to babysit, although that is not always the best option depending on the circumstances. Availability, location, time frames, and the level of care provided all come in to account.

If you are without this type of support, do noth think you cannot go out, there are babysitting agencies who have babysitters that are screened, trained and reputable.

Ask around, reasearch and call them for a chat.  You need to find a babysitter or agency that allows flexibility, reliability and takes the work out of ensuring your babysitter is 100% experienced and genuinely cares abou tthe welfare of your child.

So Perth parents, book the date … see you on the dance floor at at the midnight café soon!

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Without family support, we have had our 3 girls played with, cared for and put to bed for many years by Cherished Cherubs. We have found every babysitter to be reliable, professional and kind. - Claire, 2 October 2019

Such a great service. I contacted Cherished Cherubs quite last minute and they found me a wonderful babysitter. Everything was so easy and I felt so secure leaving my little one with Lena. - Julia, 9 October 2019

I was so impressed and comforted by the professional and confident service I received from beginning to end. An amazing team I couldn't speak highly enough of. - Jody, 27 August 2019

Deborah was amazing with our son. He was in awe of her from the minute she walked through the doors. She put me at ease with her professionalism, kind, trustworthy nature. - Clare, 23 December 2019