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Births don't always go as planned

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Imagine this….

You are excited your pregnancy is progressing well, baby is due in a month’s time, your family are coming in a week from interstate to help out, all is going to plan, until…..

Your water’s break and you go into labour earlier than planned. Some quick thinking has to happen.  

  1. in labourHubby calls the office and tells them he won’t be in
  2. Eldest child is dropped to school
  3. Second child is dropped to daycare
  4. A few things are put in a bag and off to the hospital

You get to the hospital and they say you are progressing well and baby should arrive within a couple of hours, phew it’s going to be all okay.

A couple of hours go by, things aren’t along as far as thought. It is now after midday and there’s talk of an epidural. That means more time of waiting and organising the right medical professionals to be available.  

Time goes on and the reality hits. There are no family here to call on. The children need collecting from school and daycare soon, which means hubby will miss the birth of baby number 3! This is not the plan, none of this is going to plan!

Time to take a chance and ring someone you have heard good reports about but never spoken with to see if they are able to help, you really do want your hubby with you for the birth of this baby.  They may not be able to help, but then again, what if they can?

The phone call goes something like, ‘I don’t know if you do short notice, but I am having a baby and my husband is going to miss the birth if I can’t get someone’.  The response ‘We can’t have that, let me get your details, I have someone in mind and will get back to you asap.”  Within minutes all was organised. As hubby is collecting the children from school and daycare your babysitter is on her way to your house. You complete a form and send routine info all through your phone by the time they all meet at your house.

Hubby returns to hospital in time to support you and be there for the birth of a healthy baby girl. A couple of precious hours altogether before hubby returns home to a peaceful house where excited children are all showered, fed and ready for bed.  

A very happy outcome.

This is based on a true story.  Who was it that this mum called?  

Cherished Cherubs Babysitting in Perth WA is an agency that has over 100 babysitters on board. Notice is advisable when booking, but we know as with this situation that things don’t always go to plan. This is an example of one instance where we moved as quick as possible to ensure a great result. As mums in the office, we know how important family is.  

If you had a situation arise, and needed someone to watch the children, wouldn’t you like to have had more time to suss who you are calling? Check out the website


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