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The truths of having a second child

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You have had your first child, you have all survived and learnt a lot along the way. Adding a second child shouldn't take as much adaption, or should it?

Sorry to those that had a hard time with their first child, but I breezed through the first year of my eldest child's life. Although 6 weeks prem, her development was spot on, she had good routines and a very placid nature. In fact I got bored and went back to study.

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So I had no idea that number 2 would be such a game changer! (As many parents of 2 kids are now nodding and chuckling). To put a reality check on those expecting number 2.....


1 child - you feed them peacefully and pop them into bed.

2 children - you feed one whilst the other one wants milk, wants to play outside, wants to climb all over you, wants to run through the house naked in the middle of winter, or worse still, is too quiet.


1 child - you put the baby down and walk away to answer the door or cook dinner.

2 children - you put the baby down, go to walk away then realise the second child wants to cuddle baby, stand on them, throw things at them.


1 child - you have an afternoon nap so you can get through the night feeds.

2 children - nap, what nap, the two kids don't co-ordinate themselves in their sleeps, that's if the older one still has naps at all! Sleep deprivation is now the new normal.


1 child - you can go shopping and visiting with ease, one child is cute and easy to manage.

2 children - you become strategic as to where you go and who you visit. Holding a baby and chasing around after another whilst holding a handbag/nappy bag is not easy.


1 child - you wake up for the regular nightly feeds, sleep in between and get into routine.

2 children - you often have 2 children awake, now there is sleep deprivation all round! And of course the consequences that go with that, for you and children are felt and exasperated.


1 child - you may get one that is placid, easy to meet their needs, a dream

2 children - no two babies are the same. Some are louder, hungrier, less sleepy and more demanding. No-one knows what traits number 1, or number 2 will present with.


1 child - baby gets all the attention and is quite content

2 children - jealousy can creep in for the older child, they have gone from having all the attention to having to share your time with the new baby, and this can show through in various behaviours.


1 child - easy to get a babysitter, yet you often don't really need a break.

2 children - not everyone wants 2 kids to care for, yet you are more stressed and need the break even more.


Don't let any of this talk you out of having two or more children though.

Sibling play is gorgeous to watch, they learn great life skills from having siblings, and as they grow into adults there will be great bonds.  As a parent, the joy you get with one child, you get it again when number two comes along.

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