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Worried your child will scream the whole time you are out?

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What are the 6 best ways to make the babysitting run smoothly when you have a new babysitter coming?

1. Telling your child – Tell your child there will be someone new to care for them, but it is safe as you have organised it properly (supporting your stranger danger strategies) Tell them the name of their babysitter. There are books available that are about getting a babysitter, so read to your child on the days leading up to it. If they are older they may not like the term babysitter, feel free to use a ‘cooler’ name such as ‘uni girl to hang out with’.

crying kid2. How long should I allow before I have to leave? - Some handover time needs to be allowed between the time you have the babysitter booked and the time you actually need to walk out the door. If it is the first time you have had this babysitter allow around 15 minutes to allow a tour of the house, go over the rules, explain bed times and routines, and allow enough time for the children to warm to the babysitter with you still present. A nervous child may take longer, so sometimes we need to gauge your leaving time on how the children are settled. If a child is upset, they sometimes settle better if you are not in sight, so you may need to say goodbye and trust the babysitter to distract and settle your child.  Don’t worry, they won’t let them cry for long (see below under if they wake or unsettled). If it is a familiar babysitter the handover time may only need to be 5 – 10 minutes.

3. Don’t put your child to sleep beforehand - Try not to have your child asleep when the babysitter arrives. Even if you want to put your child to bed that is fine, but the child ideally should have seen the babysitter before they sleep in case they wake. Imagine if you awoke to a stranger in your house. We want to instil safe practices at every level of development.

4. Keep to your child’s routine - They will adapt easier to the new face if there is consistency in the routines and practices.  Advise your babysitter of the routines so they can follow them. If you are happy for changes such as a special dinner or later to bed that is fine, but it needs to be discussed in front of the children and babysitter. A bed time cut-off time must be set as some children think, ‘whenever’ means never.

5. If your child wakes, or is unsettled - Explain before you leave as to what you would like the babysitter to do if any children are unsettled or wake after asleep.  Some like the babysitter to pat or rock the child, others prefer a bottle to be fed (if applicable), some like firmness, others a cuddle.  Whatever you would like to have your babysitter do if your child wakes or is unsettled (even if the odds are very low, it does happen),  advise your babysitter.  Cherished Cherubs have a policy that if a child does not settle after a period of time we shall call the parents. They then have the choice to speak with the child on the phone for reassurance or to give the child direction, to offer other suggestions to the babysitter, or to return home, as no-one wants an inconsolable child.

6. Keeping in touch – You want your time out to run smoothly, so if you are worrying about your child you won’t be as involved in where you are. If you are nervous, ring or text once or twice and ask your babysitter how it is going, and have trust in them. You will soon be relishing your ability to have some time out.

To help put your mind at ease, Cherished Cherubs Babysitting have a team of reliable and responsible babysitters that are trained in the above best practices for you and your children. Take time for yourself and book one of their babysitters on 0417 927 525 or visit www.cherishedcherubs.com.au

Check out this testimonial we had from a mum with a FIFO partner.

For a mummy that very rarely goes out due to my husband working 4weeks on/ 1 off and having no family in Perth to watch our kids, the experience of knowing I had a reliable babysitter with great knowledge made for a stress free night out. I will definately be using your service in the future. So thank you for giving this tired mummy a chance to unwind and have some fun :) - Samantha


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From the initial quote and booking to the baby sitting service, Cherished Cherubs have been outstanding all the way through!! It gave us complete peace of mind knowing our son was well looked after. - Christina, 3/3/20

We had Riana look after our 1.5 year old son for a few hours while we went out for dinner. From the moment she walked in the door both my son and daughter were obsessed with her. - Michelle, 31/8/20

Our babysitter Erica was fantastic, she went above and beyond to make our little people feel safe and happy. Strongly recommend her to others and will use again in the future. - Dale, 19/10/20

My children felt at ease with Ema straight away. She read them stories and settled them into bed. Booking and communication process was very straightforward and easy to use. Highly recommend - Hannah, 1/12/20