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Thursday, 01 October 2015 10:45

What does a babysitting agency and an insurance company have in common?

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The link is about integrity, or at times lack of. The more I hear feedback the more I realise that not all babysitting agencies operate under the same principles, that I thought were ‘a given’.To trust any business can be difficult, let alone one that you are leaving your precious children with.

From the questions we receive, the needs parents tell us they have and some of the comments we have also heard, here are some questions to ask yourself if you can’t decide on which babysitting agency to choose, because price should not be the main contributing factor with little lives ....

life insurance for children 15534729Start with the business itself...

Does it appear professional and have integrity?

Even if referred from a friend, a google search will give an indication of the business’s values. Does the website present well, does it answer your questions, does it show real people behind it, are there testimonials that look genuine? Does it give you a good ‘feel’?


Do they have a good reputation? 

Google and Facebook provide a lot of information. Ask the questions, read the reviews from various sites. Keep it in perspective if you see a negative review, you will often get one difficult client that puts a negative review, but see how that sits amongst all of the others you are reading. Who are their clients, anyone you recognise such as large corporations or government bodies? These large organisations have their own reputation to uphold so don’t want substandard affiliations. 


Are they readily contactable and do they listen to your needs and concerns?

Whether a phone call, email or message, are you able to get a response from the agency in a timely manner? When you chat do you feel like you are getting the information you are asking for, and the reassurance you may be seeking? Do you get a feeling that the person is experienced with children and understanding?


Do they provide all the information clearly? 

Do you go away more confused than you started, or do you feel more knowledgeable? Have they provided information that you may not have even considered?Are they child and family focused?


find babysitting jobs1And what about the babysitters?

What credentials and training do they expect of their babysitters? 

Anybody can put their hand up to say they can babysit as they do on Gumtree and facebook, and maybe they can. But, do you just take their word for it? An agency should be carrying out checks, getting certificates and clearances, and ascertaining if they will be a good fit for the agency.


Does the agency monitor their staff credentials?

Many babysitters will come in with everything they need to start, but clearances and certificates all expire at some point. Who checks that they have renewed them when they expire? I have heard of many agencies that do not make this part of their quality assurance. If this is important to you, ask the questions of the agency, ask for expiry dates of your babysitter’s docs.


What is the morale of the team?

When there is high turn over of staff, when team members talk negatively of their co-workers and management, when the workers are not interactive and enthusiastic, that may reflect the culture of the business, and needs to be taken into account when choosing an agency.


What standard of care will the babysitters provide?

We can all sit and watch television whilst the kids run around and entertain themselves, but is that what you are looking for when paying descent money for a babysitter?What standards do the babysitting agency ask of their babysitters, and how do they convey that to them, monitor them and handle variance from these standards?This will decipher the agencies that truly care about the families compared to those that run it as a transaction.


What if?

What if a babysitter suddenly gets sick when she is due to babysit for you, what if you have to book last minute, what if the kids don’t like the babysitter you have found yourself and she is due back 3 more times, how accommodating is the agency with changes? When interacting with people there will always be various issues that arise from time to time.  Does the agency actually match the babysitter to your individual situation, and do they  accommodate for these unforseen situations with things such as having back up babysitters, being understanding when you have to change the times, informing you of any changes at their end? Sometimes choosing a babysitter and babysitting agency is like choosing insurance, often easy to organise, but you don’t know until there is a problem how good they really are.


Check out this testimonial we had from one such situation

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. We had arranged a babysitter with another company that cancelled at the last minute. I spoke to the concierge @ pan pacific Perth and they gave us your details. I was so happy that you were able to help us so quickly. We had Leema who looked after our 4 month old daughter and she was able to be at our hotel within an hour! She was fantastic! We had Leema for Saturday and Sunday night! I will be definately recommending Cherished Cherubs to all our friends and be using your services whenever we are in Perth again. Thank you so much!! - Bobby, 13 March 2015


Do your research, compare the various babysitting agency options, ask the question whilst keeping the above points in mind. If you decide that Cherished Cherubs hold the attributes that are important to you go to  www.cherishedcherubs.com.au, or pick up the phone and talk to one of their team on 0417 927 525. 

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From the initial quote and booking to the baby sitting service, Cherished Cherubs have been outstanding all the way through!! It gave us complete peace of mind knowing our son was well looked after. - Christina, 3/3/20

We had Riana look after our 1.5 year old son for a few hours while we went out for dinner. From the moment she walked in the door both my son and daughter were obsessed with her. - Michelle, 31/8/20

Our babysitter Erica was fantastic, she went above and beyond to make our little people feel safe and happy. Strongly recommend her to others and will use again in the future. - Dale, 19/10/20

My children felt at ease with Ema straight away. She read them stories and settled them into bed. Booking and communication process was very straightforward and easy to use. Highly recommend - Hannah, 1/12/20