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Thursday, 09 July 2015 09:22

7 occasions that justify paying for a Babysitters

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uploadKissIn some countries it is common place to have a live in nanny, for other cultures it is frowned upon to pay for a babysitter. In the Australian culture it is common place to call on a babysitter when parents wish to go out. Usually family are called upon to help out as the first point of call. Given the amount of families that do not have extended family available to call on, then they must revert to paying someone to look after their cherished children. So what events justify paying for a babysitter?

  1. Work – Constructive time on work and kids do not usually go together. Whether something regular, or ad hoc, there are work related commitments that need attention, and the more one can focus the less time it shall take and more outcomes that will be achieved. It may be a work function that will help build relationships. It may be a meeting, it may be a project to finalise, either way, it will reduce stress levels if it just gets done and not fester in your mind.  
  2. Social invitation – Social interactions are a part of keeping the balance. They are enjoyable and involve adult interactions. As a parent adult interactions become less prominent, and may need some extra effort to attend. A happier social life means a happier individual which in turn means a happier family.
  3. Enhance a relationship – Whether you already have a partner, or are on the look out for one, relationships take time. And when children are involved this is often one of the things we spend less time on. If we don’t water a tree it dies, if we don’t feed a relationship it droops. Locking in a babysitter to work on your relationship is never a waste of time or money. When will your next date be?
  4. When daycare is not available – there are times a child cannot attend daycare, but they are still able to be cared for by someone without making them unwell. Things such as a recent operation, conjunctivitis, or a runny nose can prevent a child from being around other children, but you can call on a babysitter to help out.
  5. To reduce stress – we all have stress at one time or another. For some it affects their parenting skills, their communication with others and their generally ability to cope with life. A babysitter will provide some time out for that parent to go out and regroup, in whatever way works for them.
  6. To attend appointments – Ever noticed how quick it is to do errands without kids compared to with kids? Ever wondered how you are going to attend an appointment with the kids, what will they be touching/breaking whilst you are trying to focus? Take the stress out of appointments and get twice as much done in the same time frame when you leave the kids with a babysitter.
  7. For numerous other reasons – Babysitters can be called on for many other reasons, for weddings, funerals, to spend one on one time with a sibling, to sleep, and the list goes on, don’t restrict yourself to those listed above.  

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From the initial quote and booking to the baby sitting service, Cherished Cherubs have been outstanding all the way through!! It gave us complete peace of mind knowing our son was well looked after. - Christina, 3/3/20

We had Riana look after our 1.5 year old son for a few hours while we went out for dinner. From the moment she walked in the door both my son and daughter were obsessed with her. - Michelle, 31/8/20

Our babysitter Erica was fantastic, she went above and beyond to make our little people feel safe and happy. Strongly recommend her to others and will use again in the future. - Dale, 19/10/20

My children felt at ease with Ema straight away. She read them stories and settled them into bed. Booking and communication process was very straightforward and easy to use. Highly recommend - Hannah, 1/12/20