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Wednesday, 14 January 2015 00:00

10 tiny moments to cherish as a parent

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We signed up for parenthood, is this what we wanted?  Last week I wrote about when being a parent is not so much fun (Last week's Blog), but there is a definite flip side.

Here are 10 special fleeting moments of being a parent...

  • mum  kidsThe ‘I’m not awake yet but goodmorning’ cuddles.
  • The spontaneous giggles - infectious!!
  • When they say a word incorrectly – my teenage daughter still says the television is fuzzily, not fuzzy, it was too cute for me to ever correct her hehe.
  • When they try and cook you breakfast in bed – yummm, 5 sugars in the coffee and pancakes with tomato sauce!?!?
  • The snuggle in of a sleeping child when moving them from the car into their bed.
  • When they ask the dog a question and look at him long enough expecting him to answer.
  • The expression on their face when they try a new food that isn’t so tasty yet.
  • When they literally jump up and down with excitement.
  • When they smile, use the word ‘mummy’ and look you right in the eye (melt!!).
  • When they are reading their teddy a story.

Being a parent is a privilege, not everyone appreciates those tender moments that happen so quickly.  Next time this happens to you, stop, smile, and recognise that very moment as the gift it is.


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