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Monday, 05 November 2018 11:13

The ghosts, wiggles and wins of Halloween 2018

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If the fairy godmother turned a pumpkin into a coach, we can turn a watermelon into a pumpkin.

On our weekly food shop my 6 year old asked, “can we turned a watermelon into a pumpkin”.

She had seen a huge watermelon and, being Halloween season, thought it would make a great ‘pumpkin’. Yes we can!

I was never a believer in Halloween, I am the converted, especially after this year.

Halloween 2018This year I experienced the family time we spent making our ‘pumpkin’. One child removed the pulp. Another drew where we were to cut. And others got excited to see the outcome, especially when it darkened and the candle light shon through.

The little people that knocked on the door were adorable. They had outfits that were varied, from the standard witch, to Wiggles and Elsa. For these children Halloween was not all about being gruesome and scary, it was about dressing up and being out in the community.

Some were shy and moving outside their comfort zones. Others had their outfits give them super powers of confidence and cheekiness. These are scenarios that will follow them into adulthood, and the earlier they can feel comfortable with them the easier their lives will be. 

Watermelon PumpkinI could hear parents and older siblings teaching and guiding the younger children. There was encouragement, fun and laughter. I could hear the older ones explaining what to say, what not to do, and reminding them to use their manners. There were the candid comments out of the mouth of babes, and the facial expressions that said it all.

To the families that decorated their houses to let the kids know they were welcome, it makes the knocking on doors easier. To the old man that didn’t even realise it was Halloween who had an emotional effect on the girls when he genuinely thanked them for knocking on the door because ‘he never gets visitors’. To the kids that followed the rules of safety and respect and had a heap of fun, keep that attitude. To the parents that are supporting the kids with Halloween and using it as an opportunity to spend quality time with them and to speak about stranger danger, you are doing a great job.

Halloween is not all about giving the wrong messages, encouraging gothic and violence and filling up on lollies (although kids may not do it if there were no lollies). If done the right way, Halloween can be a great learning tool, and great fun.


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