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Thursday, 21 June 2018 11:23

I need my babies

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What is my unusual self care strategy?

Some think they would go insane if they used my self care strategy, and it may be a little unusual, but everyone has their own means of coping and looking after themselves.

Self care is necessary in order to be able to cope with the stresses of our world and get along with the people around us.  

Massage, shopping, gardening, socialising, yoga, these are all typical self care strategies people adopt to care for themselves. When adopted these techniques help with the mental health of individuals which in turn gives them the capacity to adequately help others.  

Baby Whisperer BlogWhilst holding a newborn recently I was asked why I foster babies. We know they are time consuming, they wake you in the night, they impact your lifestyle. Caring for babies will often increase anxiety and add stresses to your life.

What did I answer as to why I foster babies …. because it is actually good for my mental health.  

Do I need my babies as much as they need me? As much as I am giving these babies a good start to life, they are also contributing positively to my life.

It is well known how much babies are ‘time wasters’. You spend so much time staring at them, holding them, smiling at them. When I am with a newborn I am living in the moment.  In those moments the world stresses slip away, you are mesmerised by how perfect they are to you, how fragile they are, how they couldn’t get any cuter (which of course they do, every day). 

Evidence shows how interactions at these early stages impact the development of the brain. There is massive responsibility as a carer to help the neurons connect in a positive manner that will help baby develop self esteem, form strong relationships and build resilience going forward.  Knowing how important these early moments are for the future of this child, as a carer we are contributing to the next generation and that responsibility gives us a sense of purpose.

Babies bring out emotions spontaneously. Regardless of what is happening elsewhere in my life, babies have the ability to bring a smile to my face, to ease any frustrations from elsewhere.  They can do the simplest thing and bring smiles and laughter.  They bring a sense of fun. 

There are challenges at times with all ages and stages with children. As parents and carers it is imperative we use some self care to work through these times. If we need to change our routine, if we need to call on a babysitter, if we need to call a friend, it is important to do so. For me I sometimes need to care for a baby in order to care for me, what is your self care strategy?


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