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Thursday, 01 March 2018 10:01

Single parent case study

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Jo is a single mum. She works full time to provide for her and her 11 year old daughter.  Her daughter has a condition that makes her hard to manage at times. Living in a housing complex brings additional constraints to consider with management. Jo has limited supports of family and friends around that listen or help her. 

mumJo has asked for a babysitter to help her out for 3 hours each week. The agency has listened to Jo's situation and specifically chosen a uni student named Hannah who has a special interest in social science. The student is aware that this job may be ongoing and has assured us of her commitment.

The first babysit has an anxious Jo feeling relieved. Her daughter likes Hannah and they are all happy to go ahead next week. As the weeks go by Jo is able to tell Hannah more about what is happening with her daughter at home and at school, and also with her as well. Hannah can see how much Jo adores her daughter and how hard she is trying. She contacts the agency to give an update. The staff at Cherished Cherubs have a really thorough talk with Hannah and offer some strategies to implement to help this family. 

Hannah has made Jo aware of the focus of Cherished Cherubs so when we ring her she is not offended but open to talking about her situation. We encourage her to keep going as she really is trying various avenues to make the best outcome. You can hear in Jo's tone of voice the transition between stress and some relief that someone is listening. Over time a strong repore is established and we are privileged to see progress.

This is the situation which drives us to keep doing what we do.  Cherished Cherubs Babysitting is not just about providing a babysitter, it is about being realistic about parenting and knowing we can help support families in our own small way.

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From start to end, the experience was 100% positive. Wish they were in Melbourne where I live! - Maryke, 17 April 2019

Cannot rave about Hayley enough. My son asks when we can use her again. Have told many people about your service. - Gayle, 7 November 2018

Got contacted within two hours of my enquiry. Lee the babysitter has plenty of experience and we will use her again. - Robyne, 24 February 2019

Our Babysitter turned up on time, had a great way with the kids and was very nice. Very happy with the service. - Lou, 4 April 2018