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Thursday, 15 February 2018 09:43

The ripple effect - throw pebbles of kindness

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I love the photo of a drop of water falling into a pool and seeing the ripple effect. One drop  affects a whole larger area. 

This is reflective of life. Sometimes you see the effect readily, and other times you don't even know you were that very important drop that had an effect on the world.

After a couple of melt downs I used this ripple scenario with one of my children to show how just one of their actions affected an entire situation. 

child looking at ripple effectWe retraced actions and reactions in a sequence of actions. At each step we analysed what physically and emotionally happened. We then determined what would have happened if the action had been something different and how that would have changed the situation. 

We were able to show that at any stage along the cycle one different action would have altered further happenings. This is a valuable tool we can all use. 

As a mum and business owner I know my mood will affect the tone of the house and office. It is important to recognise that one action will affect others and outcomes. How will that first drop go into the water? When we are responding to people, we will affect their day too, maybe for a millisecond, but it may also have a more substantial longer lasting impact. If we have had a tough situation we can retrace what happened and see where this came from. Was it from our own stone we threw in the water, or were we reacting to so one else's actions? In reflection, how could we have changed the outcome with a good result?

If we are not to always know the ripple effect I would much prefer to know I have contributed to a happier world. Throw pebbles of kindness not rocks of negativity as the effect is far reaching.

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