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Monday, 15 January 2018 11:12

I had a bad day yesterday but I'm okay today.

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That is easy to tell my friends.  "I had a bad day yesterday but I'm okay today."

But on the bad day, am I picking up the phone saying "I'm having a tough day". Generally no. Can you relate?

It may be something around our child, at work, in a relationship, or with health, regardless, we still react the same way.

The times that we should be reaching out to our family and friends we battle through and this in essence can make it worse than it otherwise could be.

bad day

Why do we do this? Is it the way we do things in society generally? Will we feel weak to reach out at our low point? Do we feel they have their own things going on and we don't want to bother them? Will we feel judged? Do we feel we should not be sharing these emotions?

It is at these times when we feel isolated, alone in our world. We may have lots of friends but we don't feel like we can break down in front of them, and we often share the day after. That isn't support when we need it. 

The thing is, if they call out to me at such times I praise them for doing so, yet I don't often do it myself. 

I know just by venting it can help. A couple of encouraging words can help change a perspective or degree of emotion. 

The person we call on has to be the one that gets it though. An unsupportive ear will not help the situation., they can make us feel worse.  They need to be someone that understands the emotion, regardless of whether that emotion appears logical or not. 

Where are these friends? How do we break down this barrier?  Let's bring an awareness to this situation. Talk about it and find the ones that 'get it'.  They are the friends you really need. Be there for your friends and let them be there for you. 

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