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Thursday, 30 November 2017 10:00

Christmas presents for Children

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Which Christmases do you remember over the years?

What are you remembering about those Christmases? Is it the location? Is it the people? Is it what you did on that day? Or do you remember the presents you received?

Children opening presents 544640My children talk about a great Christmas where we all had a massive water fight. They tell me about various Christmases with which people were there. They tell me about the location, the food and the activities.  Rarely do they say they remember the presents they received.

Which makes me contemplate which and how many presents I should buy them this year. One daughter says she wants lots of little presents, cos it if fun to open lots of pressies. Another says she would prefer everyone go in together and get one descent present.   

I would like my children to appreciate the presents they receive, not expect them. To value the thought and love that is behind choosing them. To be thankful that they are in a position to actually receive any gifts.  

This is all going to vary dependent on the ages of the children. In essence though, younger children are happy with a few simple presents, older children can be educated with these teachings.

I have seen children with an abundance of presents literally rip open the wrapping paper, and before even really seeing what they have unwrapped or who it was from, they are already asking for the next one. This is expectation not appreciation.  

Now we all know children don’t necessarily truly appreciate gifts a lot of the time, but there must be a point where we as parents get them to stop and teach them to realise the thought and love that went into choosing the right present for that particular child.

christmas presents 1280One way of teaching the children to understand the care that goes into choosing presents for them is to have them participate in the gift buying for others and highlight the thought that goes into this process. Taking kids shopping at Christmas time is not many parent’s idea of joy, and I hear that. So it may mean going through the catalogues at home and circling the options for gifts and why they would or wouldn’t be suitable for certain people. It could be a fun activity of cutting up those magazines and making a collage. Or it could mean being ultra organised and hitting the shops before the Christmas rush.

To spread out the excitement and also allow time to appreciate what has been received, there is the option to split the giving of gifts. We have previously been able to have some gifts before breakfast, and then move to the next location in order to open further gifts. This way they do tend to remember who gave them what.

As my children have become older I have discussed with them the mathematics of Christmas present giving. If granma now has 10 grandchildren and no longer works, that is different to when she only had 2 grandchildren and was working, so presents will be less extravagant. Once they understand this they are less likely to complain and more understanding of receiving smaller gifts.  

If buying one present between a group of family members, it alleviates the issue of everyone wondering what to buy each child, or worse still, getting them presents that the children don’t like.

And this brings me back to how much time, effort, and money will I spend on the children? I generally get them all something in the same category such as technology, an activity or a specific item. That way there is less comparison between them, and it does make it easier to choose the presents, taking less effort and time once decided.  

At this stage I am leaning toward one decent present from the whole extended family and a few little ones. More effort and time will be spent on how we spend our day, to build the memories and all enjoy our day.


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