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Thursday, 16 November 2017 09:28

The Influence of a Stranger

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The people that cross our paths, it always interests me the effect they can have, and how we do not know the impact they will have on our lives, sometimes until years later.  

There have been many times when I have met someone, believed we had little in common, but then these very people have had an influence on my future endeavours, whether that be around my parenting, my lifestyle, my business or a multitude of other areas, or alternatively, I have impacted them.

  • It may be a 1 minute conversation in a shop where someone says something in a manner that gives you an emotional reaction and you look at your own life. 
  • It may be a compliment you pay someone that makes their day.
  • It could be a short meeting through work and one strategic question leaves you pondering and analysing something in your working environment that you have not consciously thought about before. 
  • Or maybe it is a social event that opens up travel experiences you or they never would have contemplated.  

momfriendsThrough interactions there are discussions and debates, there is support, there is conflict, there are behaviours seen we choose to avoid, and those to admire. If these people had not appeared in your personal space, how would your life be different?  

With this in mind, do we value, accept and encourage more strangers and people to share with us in order for us to grow? Do we acknowledge the next person in the shopping line, do we engage with others at the same event, do we make ourselves open to interaction, do we take an active interest in each person?

In turn, our conversations and behaviours affect others. How we present physically, vocally, and emotionally influences others. What are we putting out to others, how are we helping shape them and their future?  What questions are we asking, what comments are we making, how are we making them feel?

How do we teach this with our children? How do we teach them how important it is to be kind and supportive, and to understand that we do make a difference in someone else’s life in some small, or larger way?  

Children are clones of us and our world. The best teacher is setting by example. Let them see a world that is compassionate and varied and accepting. Don’t hide behind a phone or book when out, verbalise how a person has had an influence, name feelings, teach them to be inquisitive. Random conversations can go in all different and often unexpected directions, and that is the joy of interaction.   

Giving someone directions may save them hours of angst. A person you meet today may be inspired by you sharing your experience and use this to enhance their life. What you learn today may not seem relevant now but may prove useful in two years’ time.  

I have had some amazing, and sometimes not so amazing people cross my path. They have all helped shape the person I am today, and led me to the experiences I have had. 

I am that person to others. The impact I have had on them may never be known, but I don’t need to know, I just need to be aware that we meet people for various reasons and to allow things to take their own course.



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