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Thursday, 21 September 2017 09:59

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‘I hope you haven’t had her immunised’

What the, where did that come from?

Out shopping with my new baby a little while ago when out of the blue a man walks up to me and says ‘I hope you haven’t had her immunised’.

It sure did stop me in my tracks.  This is a complete stranger telling me his view on anti-immunisation, taking no consideration for me as an individual. He does not even know my name let alone my level of understanding about immunisation or history with previous children.  

When is the right time to air your view with the community?

This one comment from a complete stranger could have been a trigger had I previously lost a child to whooping cough, or perhaps I have an older child with autism which has been speculated to have been linked to immunisation. This person had clearly not contemplated the possible repercussions of such a comment. Whether I am pro or anti immunisation, it is a view that is mine, and I will engage in discussion about this with people I know and trust, not dump it on others without an existing relationship.

Jab or not

It is not just immunisation that this occurs with. Look at the recent plebe side on gay marriage. People are photographing their votes and putting it online, or vocalising their views. This is also essentially putting it out to the entire community. I have seen posts where people write, if you don’t agree and vote yes, then I don’t want you on my contact list. No voters are just as strong putting forward their perceived views. Can you judge a person on this one opinion? What about all the other wealth of knowledge and support they can offer? Can we not agree to disagree on certain topics?

Politics, child discipline, criminal punishment, there is a whole list of topics that will get individuals revved up and passionate for what they believe in. The beliefs come from education, life experiences, media and the community.  

Conversation and debate are healthy in order to make informed decisions and develop an understanding of different views. When it is forced in your face without the courtesy of a hello or having any knowledge around that person, and not presenting in a respectful manner with some prelude to the topic, that is inconsiderate and reflects negatively on the person delivering the message.

Respectfully air your views by all means. Your voice will be more accepted if you are considerate of the other person, recognise that they have their own experiences, are entitled to their own opinion and it is their prerogative to not want to share their own views with you.


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