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Thursday, 19 October 2017 12:48

Destructive emotional habits we are teaching our children

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Are you instilling destructive emotional habits in your children?

Are you inadvertently imposing emotional abuse on your children? 

Will this follow them into adulthood? 

Blog violent childI recently witnessed a situation where a fully grown adult quickly started spiralling into self destruction mode. When there was an altercation between vehicles, their immediate response was to 'spit the dummy' and have this one situation become the whole situation. They did not acknowledge the far worse outcome it could have been. They failed to detach damage to an object from the real prospect of injury, or life. They failed to see this incident as one small setback to a much greater exciting experience.

Yes it spoiled part of an experience, yes it cost money, yes it affected others, yes it was disappointing. 

It was extremely evident that this was their automatic go to response. It was a response they may have witnessed growing up. It was a response that they were probably unaware of. It was a habitual response.

It made me think, it is so very important that we do not instil destructive responsive reactions with our children.

Children and teens have enough of a hard time trying to establish their own sense of self and confidence, we need to be lifting them up as early as we can, and that comes from guiding them when things do go wrong.

It's about training the brain to think 'above the line' and not below it. We need to acknowledge the situation, acknowledge the  feelings, and put it in perspective.  We need to lead by example and lift ourselves over the line when things don't go as planned and demonstrate this to our next generation.

The earlier we can guide a child's focus and have positive thoughts demonstrated to our children the more confident and resilient our children will become.

One of the advantages of becoming older/more experienced is recognising your own thoughts and habits and that of others. We all know people that react differently to the same situation. How did they/you get to this point? Is there an awareness that needs to be highlighted and guided, are there habits to start breaking?

Let's show and teach our children positive emotional habits as early as we can so their life can be as enriched as possible.

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