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Monday, 19 June 2017 14:40

How to have an awesome date night?

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Date nights, they happen all the time when we are starting our relationship. As time goes and we begin our families, they tend to disappear. We have every intention that they will start up again, but do they? Are you having regular date nights?

What does it take to get the spice back in your relationship, how will you manage to go out and not feel guilty, or worry about the safety of your children?  Let’s do up a plan…

Couple Movie Date1. Recognise you are entitled to a date night. Understand that date night is not a luxury but an essential part of your relationship. It is good for you, your relationship, and in turn for your family. Understand this and it will make it so much easier to organise and follow through.

2. Lock in your date night like an appointment you have been waiting months (or in some case years) for. Let your partner know it is not negotiable, it’s padlocked in.

3. Decide on what you would like to do and work out the times you will need.  Will it be an event that you are wanting to attend, a picnic, a movie, a dinner or a pub night.

4. Book your babysitter, and make sure you have back up if they are not available. Relying on one person is always a dangerous move. If you don’t have family you can always book through a babysitting agency for peace of mind.  

5. Make sure your babysitter is flexible and doesn’t have a set finish time. You don’t want to be looking at your watch all night, make sure you have the freedom to stay out as long as you are enjoying your time.

6. Let your kids know that you are going out so that they can have a special night. Let them choose the meal and movie for their own special night in with the babysitter. If they are excited it makes it easier for you to leave. Remember, it is not negotiable, do not let them make you feel guilty for having adult time. You are the parent, you spend plenty of energy on them, you need to nurture your relationship just as much.

7. Plan your date, do you need a new outfit, do you need to prepare or buy something to surprise your partner, do you want to do something like get a new haircut beforehand.

8. Count down to your date, and bring this excitement to your relationship.  Anticipation was most of the excitement when you were younger, bring it back.

9. On the day of the date, remember, it’s locked in.  If you are tired, if the kids have given you a hard time, if work is stressful – DO NOT BACK OUT.  These are the times we least feel like going out, but in actual fact are the times we probably need it the most.  Make the extra effort.

10. Enjoy your date.  Focus on the positive. Enjoy each moment.  Enjoy the person you are with. Appreciate what you have in being able to be out as well as having a fabulous family safe at home.

11. When you see the children tell them how proud you are of them for staying home with the babysitter whilst you went out.

12. Plan to do it all again in two weeks time.

Date nights are often overlooked as not overly important. They are however an essential ingredient in keeping communications flowing and relationships connected. Are you ready to organise your date night for this month? Vist www.cherishedcherubs.com.au or call us on 0417 927 525. 


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