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Thursday, 20 July 2017 10:35

How long until your business is finished setting up

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How long does it take to have a business fully set up?

How long does it take to meet all legal requirements, to have the people trained, to have the systems in place, to have everything seamlessly working for the desired outcome, ticking over without any major issues?

It’s been 15 years building my business from the ground up. We have a dedicated team, have implemented a lot of systems, fine tuned many processes, and we have built a fantastic database of happy clients. You would think everything would be down pat by now, wouldn’t you?

Business BlogWrong. Business is forever evolving, there is no ‘finish’ point for setting up a business. The type of business you are in is irrelevant. It could be product based such as a clothing line, engineering, or a service industry such hospitality or babysitting. There is always evaluation and change. I am not talking about keeping up with the progression of social media, that is part of the ongoing marketing strategy, I wouldn’t call that a change as such. 

I am talking about changes in the business framework, like how we recruit and train, the processes we use for providing our services, the individual responsibilities in each role, even the business legal structure.

Why do we have to keep changing things? Isn’t it easier to keep things the way they have been and not have to put all this work into changes? Yes, it would, but is that best for the business, for those that are part of the business?  

Here is why I made some substantial changes in my business over the last couple of years:

Recruitment & training: 

Issue: Through feedback from clients, we recognised we were not knowing enough about our individual team members. Through administrative staff we realised they were also not retaining enough information from training to carry through to the field.

Change: We implemented more one on one time with our team members early on. We also changed the manner in which we delivered our training information.

Process in delivering services:

Issue: We were spending a substantial amount of time on administrative work, lowering our bottom line and increasing chance of human error.

Change: Automated, interlinked and functional systems to reduce physically entering information and double entry.

Management and administration roles 

Issue: Many people were working on same projects, and lines became blurred as to who had done what and who was to do what. Hence things were missed, or time was wasted on actions already implemented.

Change: Discussion was had, and roles within positions were clearly defined. Staff were able to focus, take full responsibility for their role and things became much more efficient.

Business Structure

Issue: The business was start essentially as a ‘hobby’. As it grew, so did the responsibilities and legal ramifications.

Change: We relooked at the business structure, consulted experts and made changes from recommendations.

These are a few examples, I know I have more to do in the future. It’s a matter of assessing the changes to ensure they still align with our values and we understand the advantages of the changes. There is the need to place priorities on certain tasks, whilst still running the business as well. 

It all takes time and effort but it is not all doom and gloom. Change is opportunity. If it is effectively communicated and encouraged amongst the team it can add morale. Each change invigorates the grey matter. It removes some pain points. It excites to see the progression. What is next on your list?

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