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Wednesday, 27 August 2014 00:00

Fire brigade, babysitter, hmmm can’t be a good mix!

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Here’s an “interesting” story from Dani about her worst babysitting experience ever .…

My sister has never been a fan of little kids so, apart from the few times she was forced to take care of me when we were growing up, she only ever had one babysitting gig when she was a teenager, and she was never allowed to babysit again after that.

She was 16 at the time, and was guilted into watching our 10-year-old cousin after his regular babysitter cancelled at the last minute, but since he was able to wipe his own bum and read his own bedtime stories, she figured it would be an easy way to earn some extra cash.

She was wrong.

Almost as soon as my aunt got into her car and drove away, my cousin decided he was hungry. 


Him: I'm hungry.
Babysitter on couch with charge watching TV

Her: Then make something.

Him: Can I make bacon?

Her: Only if you make it in the microwave.

Him: But I don't want to make it in the microwave.

Her: Then you can't have any.

Satisfied she'd asserted her authority, she plopped herself on the couch, turned on the TV, and all but forgot about him.

Now, in order for you to fully appreciate what happened next, I have to give you a visual of what my aunt's apartment looked like. It had an open-concept living area and was small enough that if someone was sitting in the living room, they could still see and talk to whomever was cooking in the kitchen.

But my sister wasn't interested in talking to my cousin, so she was sitting with her back to him while watching Tootie audition for her first broadway show on The Facts of Life. She ignored the banging, the silence, and the smell, and it wasn't until my cousin said her name in a shaky, small voice that she decided to turn around, and when she did, she saw half of my aunt's kitchen engulfed in flames.

I'm not kidding.

The kid had started a grease fire.

10 minutes and 2 fire engines later, everything was under control and my dad was on his way to pick my sister and cousin up. 

And she wonders why I've never asked her to babysit my child...

Source: http://us3.campaign-archive2.com/?u=cbd718df197fdf5cca82f3347&id=932a8b5d72

Read next week’s blog to see the questions to ask yourself before getting a family member or friend to babysit, so you don’t end up with the fire brigade at your house.

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