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Thursday, 06 July 2017 13:10

Don't forget your family

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Does work take priority over your family?

Be honest, if you are flat out with your work, does this take your time and thoughts over spending it with your family?

If you have your own business I can virtually guarantee the answer will be yes.

So here's the reminder, don't forget your family.

It sounds simple, but when in our busy lives, we sometimes prioritise work over family, and I admit I have been guilty of this, and still do at times.

We all want to set up for the future, we all want to provide for our loved ones, we all need to do the work to get there. Along the journey however there must be time for work, as well as time to enjoy the other things in life.

Here are some steps to ensure the family don't miss out on special time with you, and you get some unique memories.

Blog Dont forget your family1. Take time to set routines that are family orientated. It may be to ensure you all have dinner together, or you read a story before the children go to bed. It may be that Sunday mornings are set aside to slouch around and spend time together. Maybe you take a child to a particular activity each week.

2. Schedule fun outings and play times with the children. If you schedule appointments for work and make them, there is no reason you can't also lock in time to have quality interactions with those closest to you.  It may seem silly to have to make the appointments to see your own children, but they love it when you take them for a milkshake for afternoon tea, or to the park for a little while. It doesn't have to be every week, once a fortnight or every 3 weeks is better than never at all.

3. Put your kids events on your calendar. Many daycares, groups and schools know well in advance of upcoming events they will be organising. Put them all in your calendar so you can make work appointments around them and not miss those memories that you can't get back again. School assemblies, sports days, or a teddy bear picnic, they are important to your child so show them they are important to you too.

4. Lock in date nights with your partner, even if it means paying for a babysitter. Make a pact to not reschedule or pike out at the last minute. If nights are tiresome, book it in for a few hours on the weekend. Your relationship is worth it.

5. Lock in the occasional weekend off. Whether you go away or stay home, a weekend to tune out of work and into the family is good for everyone. It may take some organisation of staff or jobs or setting your own boundaries and sticking to them, but that effort will reflect in the outcomes of a happy household.

6. I often hear how people realise in hindsight as to how their relationships have fallen apart because of not valuing the times together. Do you want to look back in hindsight to see the cause of your broken relationships, or will you recognise the important things all the way through? Your work is important, it needs to get done. Your family is important and they need you too.

Keeping the balance will always take a conscious effort, and it will fluctuate. Using the above techniques will help you spend quality time with family amongst the demands of working.

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