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Wednesday, 07 January 2015 00:00

10 moments when you will realise being a parent sucks!

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New parents take note, being a parent is not all fun n games.

I was around a pool the other day when a parent of a young child was descending the steps into a rather cold pool with her 2 year old on her hip.  She turned around and said ‘this is when being a parents sucks!’.  It had me thinking, yes there are times when it really does so when else does parenting fall in the not so much fun basket?

Did you read last week’s babysitting disaster blog? To prevent it happening to you, here are 10 questions to ask yourself before asking a family member or friend to babysit.

Whether you have a cousin, mum, family friend or nephew available to babysit, you need to ask yourself these 10 questions before asking them to care for your kids .....

Thursday, 04 February 2016 21:46

10 reasons to shorten the school holidays

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Maybe, quietly, I did a bit of a skip as I left my child in her classroom, yay, schools back!! 

Admit it, are you one of the parents that was secretly happy to take your children to school/daycare. Does that make us bad parents?  

It makes it sound like I had had enough of my kids. Not the case, I had a great Christmas break with my family, and they didn’t wear me down really, so why was I so glad that school resumed again?

Why do I want them to go back to school?

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 00:00

10 tiny moments to cherish as a parent

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We signed up for parenthood, is this what we wanted?  Last week I wrote about when being a parent is not so much fun (Last week's Blog), but there is a definite flip side.

Here are 10 special fleeting moments of being a parent...

Thursday, 02 July 2015 10:22

6 attributes of an inspirational personality

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Someone told me the other day that I was their inspiration, it caught me off guard, never thought of myself as inspirational to anyone.

It made me look at who I find inspirational in a person, and what qualities they hold. Here are the 6 attributes you may also find in an inspirational personality.

Thursday, 09 July 2015 09:22

7 occasions that justify paying for a Babysitters

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uploadKissIn some countries it is common place to have a live in nanny, for other cultures it is frowned upon to pay for a babysitter. In the Australian culture it is common place to call on a babysitter when parents wish to go out. Usually family are called upon to help out as the first point of call. Given the amount of families that do not have extended family available to call on, then they must revert to paying someone to look after their cherished children. So what events justify paying for a babysitter?

Thursday, 10 March 2016 09:28

8 rules mumpreneurs need to know

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8 Life Saving Rules for new Mumpreneurs Starting Out

Mum’s are being pushed too hard when starting out in business. They are being told that all the pegs need to be lined up in a certain way in a certain time frame.

Who is putting the pressure on these mumpreneurs? Quite often it is the mums themselves, setting unrealistic expectations and listening to those around them.  So mum’s - stop pushing yourselves so hard. These are the rules:

Are you a babysitting or match making agency?

Matching two individuals for a romantic date, matching an applicant to a job, matching an outfit to an occasion, it is all about analysis, skill set and compatibility.  

As a babysitting agency, it is important that families and babysitters are a good match. We want parents to feel reassured, children to feel secure and babysitters to enjoy their time.

How do Cherished Cherubs Babysitting choose which babysitter will suit your family? There are a number of considerations that go on behind the scenes before you get the phone call to say who will babysit your child. Here is what we take into account.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014 00:00

A special day for a special person

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A-Special-DayFather’s day is emotionally destroying my children.

What happens that makes Suze try to avoid father’s day?

Fishing, beer, socks and footy. It’s what the advertising says we should all be buying for the first weekend of September to give to our Dad’s on Father’s Day.

A time when many celebrate, many are also doing what I do each Father’s day, trying to protect our children from the sadness that comes with not having a father present in their little lives.

Thursday, 14 January 2016 13:30

A tantrum dairy

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Need a tantrum diary in your family? Worried it would be full in a week, or even a day?

There are personal diaries, food diaries and work diaries. Today I introduced the tantrum diary. It’s not scientifically based, this is what worked in my house this morning. Feel free to try it or a version in your house.  Btw, we don’t really call it a tantrum diary (well not in front of the kids).

Thursday, 25 May 2017 13:40

Advice for next generation

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Dear daughter/son, this is what I wish for you....

I pondered what advice I would give my children to help them live a fulfilling life. I came up with 4 thoughts that resonate with what I hope for them into the future.

Thursday, 21 September 2017 09:59

Are you for or against this

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‘I hope you haven’t had her immunised’

What the, where did that come from?

Out shopping with my new baby a little while ago when out of the blue a man walks up to me and says ‘I hope you haven’t had her immunised’.

It sure did stop me in my tracks.  This is a complete stranger telling me his view on anti-immunisation, taking no consideration for me as an individual. He does not even know my name let alone my level of understanding about immunisation or history with previous children.  

When is the right time to air your view with the community?

Thursday, 14 April 2016 09:39

Are you parenting correctly for your type of child

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You can be the best parent, with the best child, or you can be the same best parent with the most challenging child.

Over the years I am realising more and more how different every single child is. It is 

Parenting Right

their personality, 

their individual style, 

their emotional intelligence, 

their coping mechanisms, 

their ability to focus and learn, 

their willingness to challenge themselves, 

outcast_childEveryone wants to ‘fit in’ and be liked. As a parent we love it when our children have nice friends to play with. What about when they don’t seem to develop any close friendships, or worse still are rejected by groups?  Does that mean we don’t have lovely kids, or are the others just not nice?

Parents dance at a pub with their babies in slings at 9pm whilst DJ plays loud music and patrons drink around them.

What are these mums thinking?!?! How is the hotel allowing this?

This is a true story that happened only last week that had me flabbergasted at the time, and I am still shaking my head.  

Wednesday, 25 June 2014 00:00

Babysitter required – No skills necessary

Written by

Perth parents are often paying babysitters who have no idea what they are doing.

Would you expect a plumber to know how to change a washer, or an electrician to know how to turn off the mains? Yes? Then you should expect that someone minding your most precious gifts, your children, to be able to be reliable, competent and trustworthy. But how do you know this?

At Cherished Cherubs Babysitting, all of the babysitters are screened and trained to ensure they attain to our values and meet the standards expected of the agency. The process has been strategically planned to ensure we have the ‘right’ team. There is set criteria they must meet before they even get to meet us.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014 00:00

Becoming a babysitter changed my life

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A heart-warming story of how a life was transformed through becoming a babysitter with Cherished Cherubs Babysitting in Perth.

I spoke with one of my most favourite babysitters recently. She also happens to be one of the most in demand babysitters with Cherished Cherubs.

Thursday, 17 March 2016 11:06

Behind the scenes of booking a babysitter and cancelling

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Ever wonder what goes into getting you the best babysitter we can in the quickest amount of time?

We want to make it as easy for you as we can, just one phone call or email and you have your babysitter all confirmed for the date you need.

From our end, behind the scenes, there is a lot more involved, and that is so we have a record of who you have had to babysit before, we know who we can call on to babysit, we have all your relevant information, and so we can ensure the right info goes out to the right people. We like to keep everything from a client’s perspective as well as a business perspective running as smoothly as possible.

Thursday, 05 July 2018 12:21

Births don't always go as planned

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Imagine this….

You are excited your pregnancy is progressing well, baby is due in a month’s time, your family are coming in a week from interstate to help out, all is going to plan, until…..

Your water’s break and you go into labour earlier than planned. Some quick thinking has to happen.  

Thursday, 29 October 2015 09:29

Can I learn to like Halloween

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What Good Comes from Celebrating Halloween?

Personally, I have always hated Halloween. I think it is an American tradition that has encroached on our Australian society more so from a commercialised angle.

Nevertheless, I cannot ignore that it does seem to be getting bigger in Perth, and my children are becoming increasingly asked to join in the festivities. As such, I ask myself, what good actually comes from Halloween? 

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Mel was a sensational babysitter. She was a hit with the kids and we will definitely re-book next time we're in Perth and need a sitter. - Bradley, 23 March 2018

Our Babysitter turned up on time, had a great way with the kids and was very nice. Very happy with the service. - Lou, 4 April 2018

Extremely professional, reliable babysitter service! The babysitter we have had is simple wonderful with our son & follows his routine with ease. - Kate, 14 April 2018

Sandra was fantastic with my boys. Built a genuine rapport with them straight away. I would definitely book Sandra again when we are in Perth next. - Natalie, 6 June 2018