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Cherished Cherubs Babysitting’s vision is to deliver high quality childcare and babysitting support to families and the community. Our caring and professional team remain focused on listening to the client and supporting the well being of all children and parents. Cherished Cherubs is driven to inspire collaborative relationships with families and throughout the community.  We know how hard it is to find babysitters who you trust to look after your children and to know they are safe.  Our priority for every client of Cherished Cherubs is to experience a trusted, reliable and professional service utilising our highly skilled and dedicated babysitting service.

In it's seventeenth year of business Cherished Cherubs Babysitting continues to grow and evolve.  Our reputation and respect attained in the community and business world is admirable and this has come about by our core focus which is the well being of children and families in our care.

We are real people, we are mums, we are grandmothers, aunties, sisters, foster carers and mentors.  We remain niche in our personalised serice and will remain human i every aspect of what we do.

Cherished Cherubs Values:

  • Always act in the best interests of the children in care, to keep them safe and make them feel secure;
  • Meet the childcare needs of families and organisations in a way that clients feel readily reassured with the well-being of their children, and supported as parents and carers;
  • Ensure babysitters enjoy their role and feel supported with information and understanding;
  • Create and maintain a management team that remains focused and positive; and
  • Uphold our reputation as Perth's most trusted babysitting agency. 

Download: Workplace Health & Safety Policy


From start to end, the experience was 100% positive. Wish they were in Melbourne where I live! - Maryke, 17 April 2019

Cannot rave about Hayley enough. My son asks when we can use her again. Have told many people about your service. - Gayle, 7 November 2018

Got contacted within two hours of my enquiry. Lee the babysitter has plenty of experience and we will use her again. - Robyne, 24 February 2019

Our Babysitter turned up on time, had a great way with the kids and was very nice. Very happy with the service. - Lou, 4 April 2018