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AlexAlex is currently studying social work and has other qualifications in community services work. Alex has also previously worked at a children's play land. She enjoys spending time with her partner, family, horse riding and swimming. She has two horses and an amazing English Staffy, Rockie. Alex has volunteered in helping the disabled with horse riding and really loved it. Alex has been working with Cherished Cherubs for about a year, and has loved working with all the children, as much now as when she first started. She is patient with the children and is able to reassure nervous parents leaving their precious little ones for the first time. Alex loves that Cherished Cherubs allows her to meet new families and having fun whilst working her university studies.

Alex is NOR and is happy to travel.



Alice is currently a third year student doctor at the University of Notre Dame. Prior to going back to university she worked as an Occupational Therapist in the Northern Territory and South Australia and has a passion for working with children and young people. Alice loves spending time with her husband and dog Rosie at the beach and is a keen traveller. Reliable, patient, fun and with an extensive history of working with children of all ages, Alice  would love the opportunity to meet you and your children.

Alice is located south of the river and is usually available on weekends.



Amber grew up in a country town east of Perth. She has a very large extended family so has grown up with all ages around her. Amber has a very creative side and studied fine arts at Uni. As such she loves to engage in activities with all the children she cares for.  Amber enjoys being with her friends, playing sports and dance. Her enthusiasm and positive nature puts children at ease.

Amber is located quite central to Perth and is available to babysit most evenings. She is allergic to cats though, so if your house is cat free you can call us to book Amber to babysit your children.



Amitra lived in Singapore for 21 years with her parents and her brother who has Down syndrome, and she helped care for him for him until he was 11 years old. Amitra recently completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree and will be pursuing her CPA in July 2014. She has worked as an accountant and a tuition teacher for primary school aged students. In her spare time Amitra likes to watch movies, listen to music and play online games. Amitra has a very easy going personality and loves the flexibility of her job with Cherished Cherubs. The children that Amitra cares for are constantly surprising her with their cleverness and ability to make her laugh. Funniest moment on the job: Babysitting a 16 month old boy for the first time and he got a case of the giggles after finishing his milk. His cheeky laugh was so infectious, that the both of us laughed for quite a while.

Amitra lives SOR but is happy to travel. She is available a lot of the time.


Amy K

Amy is orginially a country girl from Bunbury but has travelled north WA, South America and Asia with her family. Amy is one of four children. Amy has completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Conservation Wildlife Biology and Marine Science, a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology and an Honours degree in Marine Science. Amy's greatest loves in her life are her family and travelling, as they have had a massive influence on the person she has grown up to become. Amy loves working with people, especially children she believes that a little influence of positive people in your life helps you grow into a kind, respectful and open minded human being. Amy has two dogs and adores all animals and I absolutely adore all animals, She likes taking her dogs to the beach, swimming, competing in triathlons and open water swims, listening to music, dancing in my kitchen, cooking, knitting and doing crafts, playing sports in the park and diving. Amy volunteers at Uni open days, sporting events and also at the WA Museum. She is a very confident, fun loving, kind, respectful and organised. Amy loves hanging out with kids and bring a positive attitude to everything she does.

Amy resides south of the river.



Bethany has been born and raised in Perth her whole life. She has a younger brother and many baby cousins. Currently studying her Bachelor of Commerce at UWA, it allows her to babysit all different days and times. Bethany relaxes with cooking, exercise and reading. She enjoys volunteering at many community events. Bethany can relate to all ages of children, is very patient and children adore her. If you would like Bethany to visit your family and live in the western areas of Perth let us know.



Bethany F is currently studying Nursing and has worked in many places as part of prac for the degree, in particular she enjoyed the aged care. She loves to travel and has been to many places across Europe, her favourite being Iceland! In her spare time, Bethany loves to write stories, make art and also loves astronomy and taking her telescope camping. The youngest of 3 girls, Bethany has two dogs called Gizmo and Maggie, and a cat called Chewy! Her experience has been looking after pre-primary kids as her mum is a teacher and she volunteers.  She has babysat cousins and friend's children. Bethany's favourite thing about working with Cherished Cherubs is getting to know different families and children, and has had lots of laughs with the kids at each job she has worked. She always arrives with resources to do fun art and craft so if you would like Beth to come to your house give us a call.



Brieana is currently studying Environmental Biology at Curtin University. She has a passion for animals, nature, and sustainability. She also is passionate about children. Brieana has a younger sister and brother, and 2 year old nephew. She also has a dog and a cat at home. Brieana spent a year volunteering at a women’s health centre where she worked in their crèche. Brieana loves to read, swim, go on adventures, and spend time with friends and family. Her favourite thing about working with Cherished Cherubs is how many beautiful little cherubs she will get to spend time with and watch learn, grow, and play.  Her passion for children is a strength in her work,  and she has the experience to interact and get along with children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. Brieana loves the pranks and jokes that children often like to play!  But that only makes her enjoy her job even more.

Brieana is located South of the river and is happy to travel.



Caera (rhymes with Sarah), is an Irish name. However, Caera grew up in Albany before moving to Perth to study Architecture at UWA. Caera is a real explorer, she loves to ski, dive, hike and travel. Last year she took some time off uni to work in Canada as a ski instructor and travel North America and Europe. When not doing what may dream about Sarah enjoys spending time with her friends, family and their children. The best part that Caera likes about Cherished Cherubs is meeting new people, caring for children and inventing fun new games with them. She is very very patient, caring, and fun loving.

Located in the CBD area, Caera is central but happy to travel.



Cat studied a Master in International law in Switzerland. She now works locally in a law firm. She has done lots of volunteer work in the past, including two months in Cambodia with a human rights organisation and also helped to build a house in Fiji as part of a Habitat for Humanity project. In her active lifestyle, Cat likes to do hiking, yoga, dancing and most of all, going travelling to lots of different places. Cat has been very happy working for Cherished Cherubs for a number of years. She loves making connections with the kids and parents, and forming an ongoing relationship with them so that when she returns she knows the routines and what makes them happiest. 

If you would like a very friendly, happy and positive person to care for your children and live central/NOR, let us know, Cat could be an ideal match.


Christa Bio

Christa has lived in Perth her whole life and loves travelling and working with children. She has a younger sister and cousins which she often looks after when she is needed. She is currently studying Accounting and Finance at Curtin University and hopes to continue in the industry as well as being able to babysit children in her spare time, Christa has traveled to many different countries and with her knowledge of Italian she was able to go on exchange to Italy while at school. She loves shopping, socialising, travelling or going to the beach with family or friends. Christa enjoys entertaining children with craft, drawing, games and just having a fun time. 

If you live in the southern suburbs of Perth, Christa would love to come and babysit for you.


WP 001738Christine is a hands on mum with 2 children - a 4 1/2 yr old girl and 2 1/2 yr old boy, plus a little chihuahua dog. She has her Cert 3 in Children's Services and has pervious experience working as a full time nanny and casual babysitter. Spending time with her family & friends, taking the kids to the park and on outings, reading and cake decorating are ways Christine likes to spend her time. The best part about working with Cherished Cherubs Babysitting - Christine loves meeting and getting to know the children she cares for! It's so much fun getting to know all their little personalities and strives to ensure their time with her is filled with fun - that way everyone has a great day!

Christine lives NOR and is available Friday & Saturday evenings. 


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Danika is currently in her 3rd year at Curtin University studying Psychology and wanting to continue for her masters degree. Danika loves spending time with her family and friends and especially her little niece. She also likes to travel, read, study, sail and spend time training her fish, Oscar. Danika has managed to train Oscar to follow her finger and basketball. Danika also tutors High School students in psychology and has volunteers at Lifeline as a Crisis Support phone worker. Danika finds it very easy to get along with people of all ages, She is reliable, patient and likes to have fun.

Danika lives SOR.  She looks forward to working with families


Deborah is someone we want to keep forever. She is a mum and granma and has extensive experience in a variety of jobs previously, from running a health shop, to being in realestate, as a board member for a family day care scheme, and drama coaching. She likes gardening, renovate houses and cook. Deborah is committed to taking good care of children and really engages effectively with them.  She is reliable and intuitive.  A funny story to finish from Deborah …. I am acutely aware of the importance of being on time in this job so much so that I arrived a week early! (embarrassing)"

Deborah is available various hours and is quite central, so call us if you would like Deborah to care for your children.



Donna is currently working in the Childcare Industry and has been for the past 14 years. Donna has a Certificate II in Children’s Services and a wide array of experience from running her own Family Day Care, Nanny and being a Babysitter. Donna grew up on a farm in the country and moved to the city as a teenager. She is a mum of two children. Donna loves to be involved with her children's sport by volunteering as a Team Manager and on club committees. Donna enjoys meeting new people and spending time with children of varying age groups. She also loves playing board games and card games and have even been introduced to new ones by some of the children she has worked with. 

Donna is located SOR and usually flexible in her availability.



Ellie is in her third year of a Bachelor of Education Early Childhood. She is originally from the country and moved to Perth with her family during primary school.  Ellie is a huge animal lover, especially dogs. She has a 9 year old Chihuahua named Zorro. Ellie enjoys cooking, listening to music, being creative and playing sport in her spare time. She has also travelled to Italy as an exchange student when she was in high school. She regards this as being the best experience of he life so far! Ellie also volunteers at a childcare center, the Salvation Army and at a women's refuge. Ellie enjoys working with all ages of children and finds it to be truly exciting and rewarding experience.

Ellie is located centrally to the CBD.


Fran is a very popular carer for those NOR. She has the formal qualifications of a Bachelor of Social Science and Diploma of Human Services. She has worked as a Family Day Carer so has experience and insight into working with a cariety of Children. Fran Loves the flexibility of hours with working with Cherished Cherubs and meeting new people. She is available during evenings. 


Gae photoGae has been with Cherished Cherubs for many years and worked with diverse range of families. Originally from Malta, Gae moved to Australia with her family when she was 3 years old. She has been back a few times as well as travelled to few other countries over the years. Gae has a very big family of lots of nephews and nieces. She has a work history with children. She likes doing cross stitch and making her own cards and also dabbling in a bit of silver jewellery. The best part Gae enjoys about baby sitting with Cherished Cherubs is that the kids are all so different. Not so funny at the time but a memorable moment was when a child projectile vomited all over her, and she still had to sit for 3 hrs with the smell on her clothes.

Gae is in the eastern regions but regularly travels that little bit further to help out families north and west of Perth.



Grace is a friendly babysitter that works at a school for children with special needs. She is genuinely passionate about kids, punctual and engaging. Grace likes to to meet many lovely parents and kids who are each unique in their own way. In her spare time, she likes to read,sing and spend time with friends. Grace loves working with Cherished Cherubs because Suze and her team are very helpful and professional. Every working day comes with its own adventure! Never a dull day. 

If you would like Grace to babysit your children she is based quite central to the city and can work most nights and weekends, and the occassional day.



Hannah is currently studying a Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood) at Notre Dame. She has over 8 years of babysitting experience. Hannah has four brothers and a red collared lorikeet, and although her family is originally from Melbourne, she has lived in Perth for over 15 years. Hannah aims to become a pre-primary teacher and inspire young children. She has a passion for learning Spanish and would like to teach in South America one day. She strives to be organised, committed, punctual and dependable. Hannah loves cooking and trying new food especially since recently becoming vegetarian. Art, craft and sport are some of her favourite hobbies, as well as writing handwritten letters to her friends all over Australia. Reading is also one of her favourite pastimes and she runs the monthly children's book club for years 3 and 4 at Paperbird Children's Bookshop in Fremantle.  

Hannah lives in the Western Suburbs and she is willing to travel to babysit children if needed. Her hours are flexible, both day and night.



Harriet is studying a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Arts at Notre Dame as she has a passion for social justice and world literature. She loves to travel! Frequently visiting relatives in England and being fortunate enough to travel India, Vietnam and Thailand with her dad's work, she has gained a grounded perspective upon life.  She is into camping and 4WDing with friends, exploring the expansive coastline of down south and the desert sands of up north. Being one of four kids and two rambunctious Labradors, she is used to a busy yet loving home environment. Creating lasting bonds with families is particularly special to Harriet, getting to watch kids grow and develop into their own unique selves over time. She loves working for Cherished Cherubs because of "their swift organization, with amazing communication they provide me with great hours around my study timetable". A fun-loving and caring babysitter Harriet will happily come to your home to babysit.  

Harriet lives in the western regions of Perth and is available some days and most nights.



Hayley is studying a double degree in Psychology and Human Resource Management at Curtin University and plans on pursuing a Masters Degree in Organisational Psychology. She loves travelling, especially places in Asia and Malaysia. Hayley has a Burmese cat called Digbee and a Goldmation dog called Maisy and absolutely adores all animals. She was an avid performer in high school and loves singing and dancing with the kids she babysits. Her fun times include playing games, going to the park and watching movies.

Hayley absolutely adores working for Cherished Cherubs and lives NOR.



Jayne is born in Yorkshire and her family moved to Zambia when she was 5 so she had a great childhood with lots of freedom and tree climbing. They moved to Australia when Jayne was a teen. Jayne lived in Newman for 23 years and brought 3 of her 5 children up there, it was a fantastic lifestyle in the eighties and nineties. She moved to the metro area and had 2 more babies who have all grown up and Jayne now enjoys 6 gorgeous grandchildren.  5 years ago she became a Family Day Care Educator and loved watching the children in her care grow and change. When she realised her home was in much needed repair and renovations Jayne gave up the Family Day care in search of something else that would give her a connection with people needing a Babysitter ... and found Cherished Cherubs.  She is adorable and loved by everyone at Cherished Cherubs.  

Jayne lives in the southern corridor of Perth and is available to babysit most of the time.  If you feel she would suit your family give us a call.



Jean has always had a passion for working with children from helping to look after her three younger brothers while growing up, to babysitting, working in creches, and nannying while travelling in the UK. With a Diploma of both Children and Community Services she has worked in Childcare centres. Now with her own boys, a 5 and 2.5 year old she likes to be outside, camping fishing, bike riding, swimming and generally getting themselves grubby in nature. Jean loves the opportunity to meet new children and their families.  

Jean is located NOR if you would like her to meet your family.



Janelle has training in Children's Services & Community Services, and over 20 years experience in the Children's Services field. She is a mum to 3 little boys (aged 8 and under). She currently works part time in her own small business as a photographer specialising in Newborn & Family Photography. During Janelle’s Career as a Child Care Educator she has worked in Long Day Care Centres, Family Day Care, Creches, nannying and babysitting. Janelle has experience in both working with the children and managing two long day care centres. She has worked at Child Australia as an Inclusion Support Worker helping to include Children with additional needs. Janelle is experienced working with Newborns, babies and children of all ages.

Janelle is located NOR.


Jena Johnson 2014 NCELDPBL 65 1

Jena is a country girl, born and raised in Kalgoorlie along with her 3 sisters and her brother. Jena is a qualified Early Childhood Teacher and taught Year 1’s for 2 years in Kalgoorlie. In 2016, Jena decided on career change and is now studying a double degree in Nursing and Midwifery. She has 2 dogs, a Chihuahua named Frani and a Miniature Dachshund named Peppa. In Jena's spare time she enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, playing with her dogs and going to the dog beach. Jena has been dancing since the age of 3 years old, taking part in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Highland, Irish and Contemporary. She has performed nationally and internationally a number of times in Highland dancing, including at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Jena has a calm and quiet nature about her, this enables her to connect well with children and make their time fun and engaging.

 Jena lives in the central area. Jena may be able to be your next babysitter. Her hours are flexible.



Jennifer migrated to Melbourne Australia at the age of 9 eventually moving to Perth. Jennifer is currently studying Health and Physical education at Murdoch and is in her third year. She will graduate with a Bachelors in education. Jennifer has a 5 year old German Shepherd, and is comfortable with any pets. Jennifer plays soccer, golf and tennis, and is currently volunteering at a hockey club for kids. In her spare time Jennifer loves watching movies and playing with her nephew and nieces. Jennifer is very organised and always on time, and has experience children.

Jennifer lives South of River.


Jess B Bio

Jess B is studying her Bachelor of education (primary) majoring in special needs at Notre Dame University in Fremantle. She loves to travel, with her favourite places being India, USA, France, Asia and Italy. As well as volunteering with the ICEA organisation, Jess hopes to travel/work/volunteer around South America and Africa after graduating. With 2 younger brothers, 4 fish and 2 beautiful dogs, Jess also makes time to play sports, especially soccer where she also referees. How did Jess know about Cherished Cherubs...... she and her brothers were regularly babysat by Suze when the agency was very new. Jess is outgoing, friendly and kind and would love to to meet new families and work with children. So if you would like Jess at your house and live in the central suburbs of Perth, call us to arrange it for you.



Julia, who prefers to be called Jules, is originally from the UK. She arrived in Australia in 2001 as a back packer and fell in love with Australia very quickly. Jules has worked with children for the last 23 years, in lots of different roles, including Nanny, Long Day Care and Maternity Nursing. She currently works for a wonderful family with three children, and is also a self employed children Yoga and mindfulness teacher. Jules has a very charismatic 5 year old niece, who is joy to hang out with. Jules is a outdoor person. She loves the beach, bush walks and riding her bike. Cooking and yoga are Jules' other passions. Jules loves working with Cherished Cherubs because she finds it so satisfying giving families peace of mind during a well deserved break, an event, simple night out or a celebration. She enjoy the fact that no two jobs are alike and look forward to getting to know each client she attends to. Jules feels proud to work with such a professional service.  

So if you like Jules please contact the office to make a booking with her. Jules is centrally located.


JulieJulie S works as an Education Assistant at the same school that her three children attend, and feels honoured that families feel confident leaving their children in her care. Julie’s family enjoy swimming in their pool and trips to the countryside in the cooler months. They have a pet cat, a Jack Russell and two budgies. Julies helps out at her children’s schools as much as she can, and enjoys the flexible hours that babysitting offers. As a parent, she understands the importance of getting some alone time, but knows how important it is to feel confident that the children will be well looked after and happy. With three young boys of her own, Julie is very qualified to look after other children and keep them safe and happy. Julie lives NOR. She works around her children, so is available on some days during school hours and during evenings. 


Julie E Bio

Julie E first started working as a babysitter when she was a teenager living in Tom Price. Since then, she has not only raised her own two children, she has helped care for nieces nephews, friends children and grandchildren. In the last few years Julie has been lucky enough to travel extensively throughout the world. As an entertainer in music, Julie has been entertaining mainly Seniors in the community, at Seniors Centres, Retirement Villages, Community Concerts etc. Julies says she absolutely loves working for Cherished Cherubs, especially when she goes back to families she has been to a few times before, loves to see the children again who are all so excited to see her as well. Julie loves to bring her many years experience as an Entertainer to children with music,dancing,and play acting.

You can see why Julie is a popular babysitter with many families, she works NOR.


Julie P

Julie P is married with 2 children, and Zelda the cat. She is currently studying cert. 4 OSHC, and works part time in a creche. When she is not running the kids around she is enjoys catching up with friends and going to a movie. With years of experience, Julie enjoys her work with Cherished Cherubs.  

If you live SOR and would like an evening babysitter, feel free to request Julie.




Kaitlin  started work in childcare at the age of 16 in an Out of School Care program. Since then she has worked in two other childcare centres and began studying Child Care at tafe. She also likes to help her grandmother who cares for foster children and look after her cousins. In 2015 Kaitlin travelled to Thailand to volunteer in an orphanage. It was the most amazing and rewarding experience of her life and would love to do more overseas volunteer work in the future. She loves working with Cherished Cherubs as she is able to meet and help so many families and get to care for such a diverse range of lovely children. 

With a warm, caring and fun personality, if you live NOR and would like Kaitlin to care for your children please give us a call.


Kellie H

Kellie H is a hands on mother of 3 children, ages 3, 9 and 14 years. She likes to volunteer at the children's school and enjoys a good workout at the gym. Kellie is interested in fitness, health and fashion and loves going to the beach, the movies and being with family and friends. Kellie owns a lovely American staffy and a guinea pig. She loves working at Cherished Cherubs as she enjoys interacting and playing with different children. Kellie also loves the feeling that she is able to assist parents by giving them the chance to have a break/time out that they duly need. 

Kellie is located NOR, so let us know if Kellie could be of assistance.


Kelly Bio

Kelly comes from a big family with 5 younger siblings, thus she is well versed on caring for others. She has always had a passion for working with children, studying numerous certificates in Children’s Services after graduating from high school. Kelly has been the supervising officer, running an afterschool and holiday program at the same school for the past 11 years. She has cared for some wonderful children over the years and some are now her junior carers in the centre. Kelly is surrounded by nieces and nephews who she loves to spoil. In her spare time she spends time with her partner and friends and finding projects to do around her new house. After working in the industry for as long Kelly’s strengths are dealing with behaviour management (calm, caring, patient) and being able to reassure parents that their children will have a fun and relaxed time. Cherished Cherubs allows her to meet new families and extend on doing what she loves.

Kelly is available in the eastern areas of Perth and is generally available after hours.


Larry bio

Larry is currently studying Psychology at Curtin. Larry is originally from Indonesia but completed his high school studied in the UK before coming to Australia in 2014. Larry has three nephews who he loves spending time with. Larry also volunteers his time at school holiday camps where he assists in caring for children with learning disabilities. Larry loves to interact with children, likes animals, enjoys singing and ice skating. He also has the ability to make school homework to be fun where possible.



Lena came to Australia when she was 10 years old. Her brother and sister still live in Holland so she goes to visit them every year. With her own children now grown and retiring from the corporate sector of work, Lena helps out with her 8 grandchildren. She even created her own TV show. She also spends time with her 3 dogs, reading, going to dance lessons and volunteering at St John Hospital. Here is one story from Lena recently... "one night I looked after a sister and brother and we decided to play the board game “Trouble”. They placed the game on the floor and effortlessly plonked themselves down. The girl looked up at me and said “are you okay sitting on the floor?”. It was so thoughtful. Maybe she thought I would never got up again? I was really touched." Lena loves interacting with children of all ages and is glad to make their day when she is with them. 

If you are NOR and would like Lena to entertain your children, she is availabe days and nights. Call us to arrange her for you.



Lydia was born and raised in Perth along with her large family consisting of 6 sisters and 3 brothers, with nieces and nephews as well. There are 2 cats and a dog who are very much part of the family as well. With a Cert 3 in Early Childhood Education, this year she is studying Education Support. Lydia has had experience working in childcare for over 2 years, been a babysitter for nephews and nieces since they were newborns, and a baby sitter for families through daycare. She absolutely loves being around children as they are constantly surprising with what they can achieve. A reliable and caring babysitter. Lydia thinks the best thing about working with Cherished Cherubs is being able to work for so many different families with different age groups and personalities. 

Lydia is based in the southern suburbs of Perth if you would like her to have her visit your family.



Maddy is currently in her 3rd year of nursing study.  Along with spending time with her beloved jack russel named Penny, Maddy enjoys reading, traveling and the Australian beach life. She is volunteering with St John's health services.  Being a younger carer Maddy enjoys all the games she gets to play with the children and likes that they see her as not only a babysitter, but a friend. 

If you live NOR and would like our fun loving Maddy to babysit call us as she is available around her uni schedule.


MichelleMichelle brings her experience as a Primary School teacher and as a parent to three wonderful children to her role at Cherished Cherubs Babysitting. A keen swimmer and a dedicated ‘mum’s taxi’, Michelle has two boys aged 10 and 4, a little princess aged 3 years old, along with two guinea pigs and one cat. Michelle enjoys her job as a babysitter because she gets to meet new families. Michelle lives in the newer Ellenbrook region and is happy to work in the northen and eastern suburbs. She is great for being available for weekend nights but is also available a lot of other times too. 



Ngoza is originally from Zambia, Africa and moved to Perth with her family after high school. She is currently studying a Diploma in early childhood education and care. Ngoza is a mum of 2 (10 year old boy and 8 year old girl) and she also babysits her nieces. Ngoza loves to listen to music and watch movies in her spare time. She has also been a Sunday teacher volunteer since 2014. Ngoza loves working with Cherished Cherubs because she loves having fun and interacting with children of all ages.

Ngoza lives NOR.



Nicole is currently in her 3rd year as a nursing student at Notre Dame. She volunteers at PMH, and has traveled to Ecuador to volunteer in a remote community helping teach children English, and helped with village construction. Nicole enjoys spending time with her dog Bayli, doing yoga and playing social netball. The best thing about working with Cherished Cherubs is the engagement with families and the fun it offers while interacting with children. Nicole offers a fun and creative perspective with a positive attitude, while always staying attentive to child and family needs.

Nicole can work across the southern suburbs of Perth and is available some days and many nights.



Nikki has a wide experience of looking after children of all ages from newborns to young teenagers. She has been babysitting a 10 year old boy and an 8 year old girl since the youngest was a newborn. Nikki completed her bachelor of business with a double major in tourism and marketing last year. She has travelled quite a lot around Australia, and volunteered in Fiji at a primary school rebuilding and refurbishing it. Whilst Nikki was there she was also teaching and playing with the children - such an amazing experience teaching the children english and learning Fijian from them. Nikki loves the flexibility of the agency and looking after a wide variety of children, which can be similar, yet are all very unique.

Nikki is available NOR so ask for her if she sounds like a good fit for your family.


Paula arrived in Australia from South Africa when she was 8 years of age, Paula is now a mother of five children and has two grandsons. Paula's household also includes two dogs, two cats and goldfish. She loves spending her spare time with her grandchildren.  Paula volunteers with her local shire Books on Wheels. Paula loves to meet new people and enjoys engaging with children of all ages and cares for them as her own.

Paula lives NOR, so if you need time out she is available most days.


Ruth Bio

Ruth is a mother of 3 teen children, currently employed as an early childhood education assistant in a school. Between motherhood and work Ruth has a wealth of experience. In her spare time coffee dates, reading, gym, and eating out with family/friends occupy Ruth. She has volunteered at times for the Heart Foundation and Red Cross. 

Cherished Cherubs appreciate Ruth's calm, friendly and reassuring nature. She enjoys meeting new families, so if you live in the northern suburbs give us a call and we can have Ruth caring for your children so you can enjoy a break. 


Sally is a mother of two teenage children and has two small dogs and a rabbit which are very spoilt.  Sally is also a qualified Education Assistant and has previous experience as a babysitter. Sally is enjoys travelling, walking, reading, boogey boarding, snorkelling and catching up with friends and family. Sally has travelled throughout Australia and overseas, she enjoys learning about other cultures. In her spare time, Sally also volunteers at her children's school, she was known as the disco queen at their primary school as she ran the discos and the children had lots of fun.  Sally enjoys interacting with children, playing games and having fun.

Sally lives NOR. Sally could be your next babysitter!


Sandra is originally from Spain and came to Australia with her family 8 years ago. She has travelled to several countries with her family as her parents worked overseas. Sandra is currently studying finance at Curtin University. She has worked as a nanny and babysits for her family and friends. Sandra loves going for walks along the riverside, socialising with friends and family, travelling and also learning other languages. Sandra has a very positive attitude and is very organised. She enjoys meeting different families and engaging with them in games and making children laugh. 

Sandra lives centrally to the CBD.



Sophie is a uni student currently studying Nursing. Shecomes from a close nit family and has been the go to babysitter for her younger cousins. Sophie has a couple of older sisters and a miniature schnauzer called Chilli. When not studying for her nursing, Sophie is involved in sports such as netball and running, spends time with family and friends, listening to many types of music and reading. Sophie wants to make sure the kids she babysits have a good time. She is very organised and reliable so if you would like Sophie to care for your children, let us know.

She live NOR and is available both days and evening.


Stevie is originally from Cairns. She is currently studying, majoring in both Photomedia & Graphic Design. The eldest of 4 younger sisters gave Stevie a natural ability to work with younger children.  She plays a few different musical instruments and has a keen interest in sign language for the hearing impaired. Stevie's highlights of working with Cherished Cherubs is hearing the world from a kids perspective as it is always filled with surprises.  Stevie sets up heaps of activities for kids to participate in so you can go out knowing your kids will have fun. Stevie is available various hours and is located central/northern regions.


Tash (kids like to call her Tashie) is the oldest of 4 and has a wealth of practice of playing ‘mum’ to her siblings. Her other passions include working with animals and traveling. Tash started gaining childcare experience in 2008, starting off with school work placement, then a traineeship in children services whilst working in early childcare for 4 years. She is currently completing certificate 3 in education support and working in OSHC to gain more experience and knowledge. In her spare time, Tash loves road trips, good scenery and anything with animals. She also enjoys looking after her 1yo nephew.  With an easy going personality that makes children feel comfortable and a love of doing art, Tash will be the perfect fit for your family if you live in the southern suburbs of Perth.



Tarina has recently joined Cherished Cherubs and has already been getting great feedback. As a proud parent of two girls aged 12 & 13 years, Tarina spends her time running around with them, along wih caring for a rescue dog called Goth, a guinea pig called Reece and a blue budgie called Bluey. Tarina herself is the youngest of 6 (Brady bunch) and her Dad always called them his 6 green apples. She has always enjoyed babysitting family and friend's children. She has volunteered at her girl's Primary School and in her spare time she likes to read, go for walks and movies. Tarina likes babysitting for Cherished Cherubs due to flexibility in the hours to accommodate her family life. Having always gotten along with children of all ages Tarina's honest, reliable and caring nature is an asset for Cherished Cherubs.

Tarina lives in the eastern region and is available most evenings. 


Tami Bio

Tami has 17 yrs experience working with children between the ages of 2mths and 15 year olds. As a qualified childcare giver, certified teachers aid and swimming teacher, Tami's life has always revolved around children. She has been very privileged to be able to travel and live in both the UK and US, where she taught swimming and life guarding  and also babysat. Outside of work Tami is very heavily involved at her local surf lifesaving club with competitive ocean rowing and regular volunteer beach patrols. In the past done Tami has volunteered work for radio lollipop and camp quality. Tami says she had nothing but a positive experience with Cherished Cherubs, loves meeting new family's and bonding with the children. She finds is a very rewarding experience to see the children grow and develop with her help. 

Tami lives near the beach around the western suburbs, so if you would like to take advantage of her wealth of experience, we would love to book her to babysit your children. Tami is available after hours.


WendyWendy has been with Cherished Cherubs Babysitting for 6 years and she really enjoys it. She has worked with children for most of her life started as a gymnastics coach and had quite a bit of success in that. She has also worked for dcp, supervising visits between parents and children and did some work in a women's refuge as a child support worker. Wendy has a small dog named Doogal and he is very spoilt. She has two daughters, one in Melbourne studying animation at uni and one lives in Perth. Wendy loves the beach, swimming and collecting vintage barbies. One of the funniest things that had happened to her is to be told she looks like a salami not because she's fat but because of her freckles, and at another job to be told by children that they secretly make wee cakes in the sand pit when mum and dad aren't looking. She finds children a constant source of amusement and love how their minds work. 

Wendy babysits at jobs NOR. She has some regular jobs during the week so is available around them.  


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Zilke is originally from South Africa but has been in Perth for the last 9 years. She is currently studying a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing at Tafe. Zilke loves being with children of all ages and enjoys interacting with them to see their happy and smiley faces. Zilke loves dogs and has 2 of her own. She loves to go for walks, read and relax with her friends. Zilke also volunteers as an Event Ambulance Officer with St John Ambulance and at her church. Parents at her church caller her the baby whisperer.

Zilke lives in the eastern suburbs and is willing to travel.