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From the initial quote and booking to the baby sitting service, Cherished Cherubs have been outstanding all the way through!! It gave us complete peace of mind knowing our son was well looked after. - Christina, 3/3/20

We had Riana look after our 1.5 year old son for a few hours while we went out for dinner. From the moment she walked in the door both my son and daughter were obsessed with her. - Michelle, 31/8/20

Our babysitter Erica was fantastic, she went above and beyond to make our little people feel safe and happy. Strongly recommend her to others and will use again in the future. - Dale, 19/10/20

My children felt at ease with Ema straight away. She read them stories and settled them into bed. Booking and communication process was very straightforward and easy to use. Highly recommend - Hannah, 1/12/20